Theme parks

Theme parks

Theme & Amusement Parks

For children and families that feel like spending some time at a theme park during their stay in Nieuwkoop, there are many great options nearby. Here are a few noteworthy ones.

Bird park: Avifauna

Avifauna is located in Alphen aan den Rijn, about 15 minutes from Nieuwkoop. Stroll through various  ’world habitats’ and admire a large variety of birds Avifauna is home to about 2000 different species! Feed the parrots in the Australian Lori Landing or watch the exciting demonstrations where owls and raptors fly just over your head. The kids will have the time of their lives on the giant playground with the tallest slide tower in the Netherlands.

Theme park: Archeon

The Archeon, also in Alphen aan den Rijn, is a world full of history. Discover how people used to live back in the prehistoric times and the Middle Ages. You can participate in the various medieval activities like swordfighting, calligraphy and archery. Visit the Roman display, play in the playground or make your way through the maze. Throughout the entire summer season Archeon hosts various events, like the Roman festival and the Viking festival. The Archeon is both fun and educational!

Amusement park: Duinrell

Experience an amazing day at Duinrell in Wassenaar. This park is about a 30-minute drive from Nieuwkoop and is fun for everyone! Slide off an 18-metre high slide, sail and bump in the bumper boats and ride one of the exciting rollercoasters. The Tikibad, Duinrell’s indoor swimming paradise, is definitely worth a visit. More than ten water slides and attractions can be found here!

Amusement park: Drievliet

Drievliet is a fun park for the entire family with plenty of things to do to keep everyone busy. It has a whopping 35 major attractions, including a playground and various shows. Ride one of the four rollercoasters, such as the spinning Twistrix that will take you through a forest. At the Waterwars activity you can try to hit your opponent with a catapult filled with water balloons. For the real daredevils there is the spectacular Formula X. Drievliet is opened from April through to  October each year.

Playground: Linnaeushof

The Linnaeushof in Bennebroek can be reached within 30 minutes from Nieuwkoop. It’s the largest playground in Europe and you will find  a huge variety of playground equipment. Waterbikes, cableways, slides, a monorail, a giant trampoline and much more. Do you dare to climb the hanging bridges over the water to get to the Pirate’s nest? Or try cycling on a wobbly bike, or doing a somersault on the trampolines? If the weather is good, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit! The water playground is too much fun to miss. 

Avonturenboerderij, Adventure Farm Molenwaard

Playing is discovering at Adventure Farm Molenwaard in Molenaarsgraaf. More information can be found here. For three years in a row selected as the best themepark in the provence of South Holland and located in the Green Heart of Holland at only 50 minutes from Nieuwkoop.