The area

The area

The area of Nieuwkoop

Located in the centre of the Green Heart of Holland

Right in the middle of the Green Heart of Holland, in the province of South-Holland, lies Nieuwkoop. It is a wonderful area for tourists to unwind surrounded by nature, and to get a taste of the close-knit and friendly community. The municipality of Nieuwkoop consists of 13 towns. These are Nieuwkoop, Ter Aar, Nieuwveen, Noorden, Woerdense Verlaat, Zevenhoven, De Meije, Vrouwenakker, Noordeinde, Korteraar en Langeraar, Aardam, Papenveer and Noordse Dorp. 

Experience the Nieuwkoop Lakes

The Nieuwkoop Lakes are a beautiful nature reserve and vibrant recreational area of 1400 hectares, enclosed by the towns of Nieuwkoop, Noorden, Woerdense Verlaat and De Meije. Throughout the entire year it’s a paradise for all nature lovers. Come sail in an electric boat, or relax and enjoy life on one of the many terraces on the waterfront. Fishing is also a common pastime for both locals and tourists. When the lakes are frozen, they make for an amazing place to go skating or ice-sailing. Read more about the Nieuwkoop Lakes here.

Exploring De Meije

De Meije is a lovely meandering river, connecting the Old Rhine at Zwammerdam to the Nieuwkoop Lakes. Along the water lies the traditional town of De Meije. The rustic landscape along De Meije attracts many tourists in the summer, who can be found enjoying the many aquatic activities. Nevertheless, the peace and quiet of De Meije is a unique experience. For sailing (limited height restrictions apply), as well as walking or cycling, De Meije can be one of the highlights of your stay in Nieuwkoop.

On and around the Langeraar Lakes

The Langeraar Lakes are a popular spot for sailing, windsurfing, fishing and swimming. Different kinds of boats can be rented in Langeraar and a surfing club is present there. When the temperature allows it, skating tours are organised in the winter season. Not a big fan of water activities? There are plenty of routes to choose from where you can walk or cycle around the lakes.

These lakes were created through the extraction of peat, and are located between Langeraar and Papenveer. They consist of the Zuidplas, Noordplas and Geerplas. The area covers about 175 hectares. The three lakes border the city centre of Langeraar as well as the greenhouse industry around Papenveer. The Geerplas is located in a more open agricultural area close to the town of Bilderdam, with grasslands on the east side that are home to many kinds of birds.

Historical Nieuwkoop and the Reghthuystoren

The town of Nieuwkoop has a historical centre, with 17th century buildings such as the Reghthuys and the Reghthuystoren, which is a 35-metre tower in the centre of Nieuwkoop. Stroll through the lovely town and climb the tower accompanied by a guide. Once you have arrived at the top you will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Nieuwkoop. On clear days you can even spot the ArenA in Amsterdam, Schiphol airport, the Dom in Utrecht or the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam. 

Widespread meadows with cows and waterways

All the towns in the municipality of Nieuwkoop are surrounded by meadows, where cows graze and farmers have expanded their businesses with tourism activities and bed &breakfast facilities. Nieuwkoop is ideal for a walk or cycling tour along green meadows, waterways, windmills and lakes. Everywhere you go, you’ll be amazed by the natural beauty and purity of this area!

See & do

In Nieuwkoop and its surroundings there is always something to do. You can relax on the water with an electric boat or canoe, go for a walk, or cycle around endlessly. Go swimming in one of the pools or lakes if you’re feeling adventurous, or play golf on our beautiful golf course. Visit the many studios, galleries and museums or plan an activity for your group or family. Read about the many possibilities for an amazing holiday or day trip here or take a look at our agenda for any upcoming events.


In the towns of Ter Aar and Nieuwkoop you can find  a variety of shops in small shopping centres. Fashion, home appliances, pet shops and sports equipment, and of course food provisions can all be found here. In other towns the usual necessities can be found as well. For a complete overview of shops in our municipality, click here.

Restaurants and cafes

Nieuwkoop is an amazing place when it comes to food and drink choices. There are many places where you can sit down for a nice cup of coffee on a sunny terrace, in a vibrant cafe or a good quality restaurant. The view can vary from green meadows full of sheep, a small river, a polder or you can sit on the waterfront of the scenic lakes. You’ll have a hard time choosing! Discover the options here.


Nieuwkoop is right in the middle of the Green Heart of Holland. With so many things to see and do in and around Nieuwkoop, you’ll probably want to stay here longer than just one day. Choose your ideal place to stay from our selection of B&Bs, camping spots, cabins or hotels and wake up surrounded by meadows and peaceful water. Welcome to our hospitable community! Click here for a list of all accomodations.